A swimming pool is essential in your home, especially during summer. It helps in refreshing people’s bodies during the hot summer days. The process of designing and constructing a swimming pool is not easy. The following are the steps followed in the design and construction of a swimming pool.

Designing the pool

You can look for a swimming pool contractor on the internet in your phone book. The hired professional will enable you to get a good idea when it comes to the design and costing of your pool. Furthermore, the contractor will assist you in getting the necessary permits from the local authorities. Construction of the pool can start immediately after obtaining the permit.

Pool layout

The process of coming up with the layout of the pool is very critical. This time taken in digging a pool is dependent on the soil conditions, the size of your pool and access to your pool. Digging takes about two to three days.

Steel reinforcement

Reinforcement of the pool is done using the steel. This helps in shaping the pool and providing the necessary structural strength. This takes a short period –less than two days, but it is dependent on the shape and size of your pool.


This involves laying of a concrete foundation to fill the steel shape which was set earlier. The pool gains its shape once it is filled up with concrete. It is advisable to hose the pool shell about three times in a day to facilitate the curing of concrete.

Installation of tiles

The tiles are installed immediately after the concrete cures. The tile used should be easy to clean. Rocks can also be used to give your pool a natural look although people prefer swimming pools with a classic style.


The decking process is carried out after the tiles have been installed. Some people use concrete while other prefers wood. Wood decks give the pool an authentic look. Concrete is slip-resistant and more durable, and many people, therefore, prefer it.

Installation of the electrical and plumbing systems

This involves laying out the electrical and plumbing systems after the pool has been dug. It involves placing the vacuum cleaner, fill lines, return lines as well as the suction lines. The process of placing both the pipes and the electrical conduits takes two to three days.




All the needed equipment are installed. The various equipment includes lights, filters, pump and he control panels.


Plaster gives the pool a smooth finish. Grecian borers can also be used instead of plastering since they are cheaper as compared to concrete.

Cleaning up

The annoying parts must be cleaned by the builders. This involves cleaning the waste construction material. S