Benefits of Using Solar Energy

solar panels on a roof

It is estimated that the energy provided by the sun to the earth in one hour can sustain the earth’s energy needs for one year. The sun is a powerful energy source. Unfortunately, we only can collect a small percentage of energy, using solar panels. Taking advantage of solar power can make a substantial impact on our planet. Although its critics have called it inefficient and expensive, solar energy has become very important.

Due to the availability of solar panel grants and the reduction of the prices in the market, it has become the main source of energy for many families.

Below are some of the benefits of using solar energy:

Possibility of Installation Almost Everywhere

can be harvested almost everywhereSince it has an easy and simple installation, it can work anywhere. It takes advantage of both horizontal and vertical spaces that are not utilized. This aspect, together with the flexibility and modularity of the system, encourages the installation of small-scale projects. And the small projects have the possibility of expansion if the need arises. However, the most important advantage is the ability to provide power in remote areas, where installation costs of electrical distribution lines are too high.

Low Energy Production Costs

low production costSolar energy does not need any supply for it to work, it, therefore, has zero energy production and maintenance costs. The only costs associated with it are the installation and manufacture of the components. Consequently, despite involving a huge initial investment, no additional costs are incurred while using it, making it easy to recover the installation costs.

Less Energy Loss During Long Distance Transport

As the distance between production and supply point increase, more energy is lost when transporting and distributing energy. Although such losses might be small, it can affect the performance of an installation in areas which are densely populated. On the other hand, solar panels have an individual installation of the panels on rooftops, making the distance to be drastically reduced, hence more efficient.

Energy Production Coincides With Maximum Demand

The highest energy demand is between eleven in the morning and afternoon at four. However, with the energy production by power plants being constant, there is a sharp increase in the price of energy during this period. On the other hand, with solar power, energy production is at a maximum during the day when demand is high. In markets where large scale solar production exists, this energy can be used to meet the added demand for power during peak hours.